OMG, I’m getting naked! Now what?

So, you’ve asked to shoot nude and the shoot date is coming up fast— what do you need to do to prepare?

The good news is very little! This page is aimed to answer many of a typical questions I get from people beforehand.

Hiromi — never modelled before our shoot.

Before the Shoot

Let’s get the embarrassing topic out the way first — shaving.  I hate talking about pubic hair as much as the next person, but it is inevitably a topic that comes up. My recommendation is simple — stick to your usual routine. If you keep things natural, let it be! If you have a regular routine around shaving or sculpting, feel free to stick to it. Do whatever you feel is comfortable.

I would suggest that those who are normally completely shaved, consider growing something as this does tend to look a little better on camera (in my opinion). But as always — your shoot, your body, your comfort, your rules!

The night before the shoot, if at all possible, get a good night’s sleep — they don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing!

On the Day

Hydrate well during the day, don’t starve yourself and just eat normally. Dress in loose clothing and if possible, avoid wearing any underwear or bras. This keeps skin marks to a minimum and means we can start shooting sooner rather than later. If you have to wear “normal” clothes (arriving from work, public transport etc.), that’s totally fine too — you’ll just need to undress and sit around for 20-30 minutes or so. We’ll have a cuppa and a chat!

Women will often ask about hair and make-up. Where possible, keep your make-up as simple as possible. Subtle/smokey works best with nude images, so avoid bright lipsticks or stick-on lashes. Also, please make sure that any foundation you use has no SPF. Make-up designed to block the sun bounces studio flash back at the camera!

Hair: simply wear how you like, but bring hairbands/pins to tie your hair up if you wear it down.

What to Bring

The joys of a nude shoot means there’s virtually nothing to bring! However, I would recommend a dressing gown or some sort of loose clothing you can quickly throw on. This is to wear beforehand and between sets if you feel more comfortable.

As mentioned above, a few hair pins or hairbands and any make-up you’d like to apply.

I would optionally recommend high heels — not for the height, but they do help with posture.

At the Shoot

Once you’re here, things are very relaxed. Depending on how much time we have and what you’re wearing when you show up, there’s a strong chance we’ll grab a cup of tea or coffee in the studio and chat through things, answer any questions and build a bit of rapport before shooting!

The shoot itself will undoubtedly be nerve-wracking for a first 30-60 seconds but it is incredible how quickly people
acclimatise. Listen to any guidance I give but most importantly, be yourself (and be proud of yourself!).