Participate in “Our Choice”

Firstly, thank you for your interest in participating — the response has been truly overwhelming. Please take a look at the Background post to get a feeling for what the project is truly about.

So what am I looking for?

This isn’t about a “look”, an age, a weight or even agreeing with my ideas, I’m looking to gather a diverse collection of people that I can create an amazing photo essay of confident women, who aren’t willing to allow traditional society to judge what they do with (or how they feel about) their bodies. This is about empowerment, vulnerability, acceptance, solidarity and, ultimately — choice.

What would you need to do?

Firstly, I’m casting based upon ideas rather than a look and as such, I need to make sure you are passionate about the topic itself. Please include a few paragraphs on why this topic is so important to you. It doesn’t have to be ‘War and Peace’, but enough to gauge your thoughts and passions. I will also need a picture or two (preferably full length) so I understand what you look like. This is only to make sure I’m getting a diverse group of people involved.

I want the photo essay to be the participants who are confident (or accepting) of their bodies. The idea would be to create simple, relaxed, non-posed shots of each of the participants — nude with minimal make-up. The resultant shots will have no post-processing done on the models themselves — just a B&W conversion, basic corrections such as background cleaning, cropping and straightening.

Next would be the interview. This will be a video interview discussing some of the ideas above (plus anything else you want to discuss you feel is relevant) — I will guide with questions and discussions, but the focus will very much be on you and thoughts.


Where are you based?

I’m based in Reading, Berkshire (UK).

How long is the project running?

I imagine the project will run for most of 2015.

I’m worried about the nudity, can I still contribute?

I appreciate there will be some people who want to participate, but are reticent about the nudity. It feels somewhat hypocritical given the nature of the project to reject people based upon this alone! There are two things here: firstly, I’m particularly interested in people who would actually be quite happy with it but feel they couldn’t do it due to family, religion, prejudice at work or similar societal pressures. In these instances, I’d like to do a secondary set of images with these participants, where we take the photos but censor them in post-production and give context as to why in a quote.

If you are simply not confident enough, I’d still be interested in hearing your thoughts and experiences, and your content may be included as part of the mini-documentary or accompanying text.

How do I apply?

Please contact me at to discuss your participation.

Please include:

  • Your details (name, age, location)
  • A brief background of why you are interested in participating
  • A few images of you — preferably natural and full-length. Please note the images aren’t used as part of the casting process at all, they are just for reference and to make sure I’m casting a diverse a range as possible!

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